The group is having huge strength in development and manufacturing of Farm Machinery. There are 40 different types of Farm Machines and Equipments that are currently in production, and working on the Agricultural Soil of many countries successfully.
All of our Equipments and Machines are ISO 9001:2015 certified.


Agrimont Farm Machinery:

  • Primary Tillage Equipments
    - Moldboard Plough, Disc Plough, Subsoil Plough, Chisel Plough, Disc Tiller Plough and Rotary Tillers.
  • Secondary Tillage Equipments
    - Different types of Harrows, Disc Ridger, Ridger, Ditcher, Power Tiller, Tine Tiller, Rollers and Pulverizers, Mulcher, Cage Wheels.
  • Seed Drills, Seed Planters
    - Mechanical Drill, Pneumatic Seed Planter, Sesame Seed Drill.
  • Digging Equipments
    - Post Hole digger, Potato Digger.
  • Spraying Equipments
    - Boom Sprayer, Power Spray Machine, Trolley Mounted Mist Spray Machine, Spray Blower, Mist Spray Machine, Knapsack Sprayer.
  • Cutting & Reaping Equipments
    - Tractor Reaper, Rotary Slasher, Tractor Mounted Cutter Bar, Mower, Silage Chopper, Wood Chipper.
  • Harvesters, Threshers, Shellers & Crushers
    - Rice Paddy Harvester Thresher, Groundnut Thresher, Mix-Grain Thresher, Rice Huller, Soyabean Thresher, Maize Thresher, Maize Sheller.
  • Material Handling & Haulage Equipments
    - Tractor Loader, Back Hoe, Front Level Lift Loader, Trailer, Farm Tipping Trailer, Farm Bucket, Water Tank, Fuel Tank, Garbage Disposal Trailers and Buckets, Working Platform.