Tractor Development and assembly is the core project of Agrimont Group, that has established in Pakistan, and currently producing AGRI tractors.
The Assembly Line gives 9 different models of tractors, from range of

  • 50hp
  • 60hp
  • 75hp (2wd & 4wd)
  • 78hp (2wd & 4wd)
  • 85hp (2wd & 4wd)
  • 88hp (2wd & 4wd)
tractors Development

Product Names

  • AGRI 240s, 50hp, 2wd
  • AGRI 360s, 60hp, 2wd
  • AGRI 375s, 75hp, 2wd
  • AGRI 375s, 75hp, 4wd
  • AGRI 290s, 78hp, 2wd
  • AGRI 290s, 78hp, 4wd
  • AGRI 385s, 85hp, 2wd
  • AGRI 385s, 85hp, 4wd
  • AGRI 390s, 88hp, 2wd
  • AGRI 390s, 88hp, 4wd